Another life-changing chapter..

The British Politician Benjamin Disraeli once said

“London is a roost for every bird.”

When you’re asking me – there is nothing more to add. After many adventures and experiences in Germany, I am now ready to finally come back to the greatest love I’ve ever had. London. Don’t get me wrong – Frankfurt will always stay in my heart and be a vital part of my life and also San Josè was an unforgettable period. However, it is time to break down the tents and move on to the next chapter.

Being not “always” available on Social Media and other comparable tools has been an eye-opener in many ways: Instead of renouncing myself and walking the way of St. James, I just enjoyed a very thoughtful time offline. Thinking about yourself, where you’re coming from, what you achieved so far and what your goals are is essential – at least for me – to stay ahead of the game called life.

In only a couple of months time, I’ll start my Master’s in Media and Communications at LSE, which probably will be tough, but also very exciting. New people, new perspectives and a new lifestyle, tons of work and maybe also a semi-existent social life will define my life again? Who knows. Let’s see!


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