After coming back from California and just staying for a couple of weeks in Frankfurt, it is time for my next adventure. This means writing the final exams before starting my official  “thesis term” in March.

Even though, the first week is almost over it feels like an eternity living in Mittweida, a small town close to Chemnitz. Don’t get me wrong: After applying for several universities and working parallel to college, it really helps to clear my mind again. Unfortunately, my chest cold doesn’t seem to go away, thats why I stayed in bed all weekend to get ready for Monday again. It sucks, not being able to do whatever you want.

Do you know the feeling, when reaching a certain limit? Physically or mentally?

After the seventh try in writing a personal statement for King’s College I realised that I couldn’t go any further. Not being able to strive for the best, because your academic English is not good enough to apply was very frustrating for me. I thought to myself: Really Rosa? This is it? After having lived in foreign countries for almost 1.5 years?

Luckily, my cousin did support me enormously concerning this, and, I could successfully finish it in the last couple of days. But what would have happened, if nobody helped me? How could I have possibly beaten the system?

Additionally, I still need to learn to treat my body right. Even though my brain wants to take the next step and continuously analyses situations, my physical condition is suffering. To be honest, I did not believe magazines, proclaiming and talking about a phenomenon like “burn-out syndrome” or being stressed out. However, karma is a bitch and lets me run straight up against the wall for me to understand the issue.

So yeah guidebooks might be correct about the importance of physical health to get the results you want to achieve. I hope at least you guys, the people who are reading my blog posts, realise how important it is to understand that both components – your mind and your body – need to be in harmony to outperform.

By the way, this is me taking a long walk with a student colleague of mine to strike a balance again and to structure my goals for the future.



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