O F F I C E O U T F I T.

I know the last couple of posts were all about sharing experiences or travelling to cities.

However, today I thought about sharing my previous office outfit idea with you.
Gladly, my workplace allows me to be a bit funkier and more creative when it comes to choosing my Monday to Friday outfit. This one here was shot in San Josè by the way.

I could NEVER EVER work at a company, where I couldn’t express myself through clothing. It is therefore not very likely, you’ll find me in an institution where formal outfits are key. Ever… Hopefully. 😀




Leather trousers        —  Orsay
B/W blouse                  —  Armani Jeans
Pink blazer                  —  Marc Cain (Secondhand)
Shoes                            —  H&M

But let’s focus on the crucial thing in this post:
Usually, I combine a colourful trouser with a well-shaped blouse. These combinations make you stand out from the crowd but still shows some office character.

Good ways to dress for success is to use:

  • concise colours (colour-blocking) + classic shapes (like a double-breasted blazer)
  • suits in great patterns (you don’t have to stand in front of your wardrobe every morning, thinking what to wear.)
  • go for all-black with outstanding shoes. (colours like red, silver, gold, or two-colour shoes will work nicely)

Here are some examples! Wanna see more looks?
Explore my Instagram profil (@rosaschdt)





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