Dior and I: Paris in three days.

This month is an organisational disaster! After coming back from the Americas, applying for universities and buying presents for Christmas, there was almost no time to settle in Europe again.
However, I had one big December highlight. After I have heard a lot about the new Dior exhibition in Paris, my mum and I didn’t waste any more precious time and took the train to see what it was all about. 😉

Day one

After muddling through a lot of people, we took a journey through different decades of style. From the famous “New Look” designed by Christian himself to Galliano and current designer Maria Grazia Chiuri – every shade and colour of Dior was represented.


It took us all in all 2.5 hours to go through all the different scenes and look at every damn detail.

DSC03005This jacket is one of my favourites. Why? With this piece, a woman’s compelling aura surrounds the one that wears it. It is like a uniform you put on to stand out of the crowd. Dangerous colour and material combined with a woman that knows what she wants. Brilliant!

Day two

After an exhausting first day, we went to Montmartre to take a glimpse at the famous church Sacré-Cœur. What a view!
Some of you may have seen it in my Instagram story already:



… And Notre Dame at day and night.


Day three

The last day was mostly all about shopping. This, of course, meant: Galleries Lafayette from top to bottom!
Before we paced through these doors, there were some other spots we needed to discover first..

The Opéra National de Paris for instance. Pictured here with the French and European flag on top.

DSC03123.JPGFurthermore, we discovered another famous place directly next to the opera house. The Cafe de la Paix – one of the most famous and well-known places in Paris, where famous writers such as Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway stayed. (and me of course)


After dawdling through every level of Galleries Lafayette, mum and I ended up on the rooftop of the building. The sun already started to set, resulting in beautiful pictures.


All in all, it was a great trip into a city, from which I’ll probably never get tired of.

I guess Christmas can come!

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