After everyone told me how AMAZING America is I strangely wasn’t as impressed as I should have been. Don’t get me wrong; my working life was brilliant, but to be quite frank I was bored stiff and irritated from my free time.

  • Bars and clubs closed at 2 am even in the big cities like LA or San Fransisco (?!).
  • Americans use melted cheese in cans and spray it on their food. Obviously it’s not real cheese…
  • Vegetables are bigger than my head. Only god knows why.
  • Nobody couldn’t care less about clothing. I know hoodies are the working dress code in Silicon Valley, but still – really? I had the feeling flip-flops were the only thing some people owned.
  • San Josè is one of the biggest cities in the US – but there is literally nothing going on. Or at least you would expect more from a city with more than one million inhabitants.

Apparently, California, in particular, was made for people, who are obsessed with adventures. Hiking, Bunjee Jumping, Sky Diving…. the list is long and never-ending. I thought to myself: Alright, it is not my thing, but I do understand why America is great for people who are into sports.

Of course, the countryside is beautiful, and Yosemite or Big Sur are breath-taking. However, I felt a lack of culture at that moment. Simultaneously, I knew I did something wrong:

I compared it with Europe.

Yep, that was a big mistake. Even though we all define the US and Europe as the western society, which self-evidently means we have the same values and attitudes still we are completely different. And after 1,5 months I also saw the great parts everybody was talking about.

After I set my mind free from these prejudices, I did understand the core principle of it.

It is all about freedom.

After three months of living in California, I never had the feeling of judgement. Nobody tried to put you in a category or stigmatised you because of some assumptions. This state literally screams: Go for it! Express yourself! Live your talents out and realise your ideas!

Perhaps this is the secret formula of Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Do whatever (the fuck) you want. But do it with all your heart and passion.

After I realised this, I started to enjoy my time and did things, I never thought of doing. AND PEOPLE LOVED IT. Unbelievable.

San Josè was life-changing for me. I grew as a person and in a business sense. Being able to take a step back and be more reflective of actions and rather not doing being an overenthusiastic young professional, wanting to do everything as fast as possible is a major step for my development.

I can’t believe I say this, but I miss the US, and I miss California.

San Josè, it was my pleasure.


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