TOEFL – a pain in the ass.

Every foreigner needs to do it when they want to confirm their English proficiency, so do I to apply for university abroad. As you hear in the title – TOEFL is a pain in the ass.

Most of you saw my video on Instagram talking about my own little challenge. However, I was not quite honest with you. I tried the test once before at a horrible test center in San Jose and failed completely. I also prepared too much….

However, for those who didn’t hear about it, yet:

I did not prepare for it. ( At least not for this one).

I am a control freak in many manners, which means I usually over-prepare for everything just to “make sure”. (as you can hear from test 1..) Hopefully, a lot of you can feel me: one never wants to rely on talents and skills, because everything could go wrong and end up in a catastrophe.

I rather stick with my comfort zone and don’t face my fears.
But isn’t that what it is all about?
Getting everything out of life even though it means overcoming barriers? 

This is a thing I have reads about so often in many books or Tumblr quotes. Apparently, nobody cares about them because they are all over the place. Nevertheless, they have their reason for existence.

I finally decided to put it all out there. Perhaps, for some of you this will be too much, perhaps some people don’t even see a difference.

But I would kill myself if I didn’t try it all my life.. so stay tuned bitches. 

The TOEFL advice I give you is short and based on my own experience with the test. I realised, if you google for help concerning the TOEFL you’ll find everything in every detail, but no real personal experiences.

So here we go your ROSA advice, freshly delivered! 😉

Section 1 Reading

Before the multiple choice tasks appear, they’ll first show you the whole text of a specific academic topic.

Don’t read the whole text at once!

Just try to scan the first sentence of every chapter to get the bigger picture.

Look for keywords first!

They will re-appear in the text. This makes it way easier and faster to tick the right answer, instead of going through the whole chapter, reading every detail.

If you still have time to go over your results  – do so! Every right answer counts.

Section 2 Listening

I know it is hard, but concentrate on every detail.

They will ask you for the inconspicuous,  unimporant things.

Don’t get confused with straightforward questions!

No they aren’t as tricky as you think they are – try to follow your instincts.

Section 3 Speaking

This is the one I would practice on, even if you are fluent in English!

Preparation time in the test varies in between 15-30 seconds. Not a lot time to think about an intelligent answer or even think at all.

Practise, practise, practise!

Get into the vibe and develop a feeling of time.

Talk to someone about the given topics

The person can give important feedback regarding your structure, the content you put out or your pronunciation.

Section 4 Writing

Two texts, two different ways of writing. I’ll skip the first one, containing listening and summarising the points of an audio file, as a contrary opinion to the given text.

The more difficult one is the essay.

You’ll need to write about your opinion on a specific topic.

Decide for one point of view.

It’s nice you’ll inform yourself and constantly gain a lot of knowledge. This can lead to a well thought out answer. Nevertheless, it is also very likely the essay turns into an unstructured non-sense.
Your grammar is more important as well as how you put your arguments together to score the best results.

Adhere to the “statement – reason – example” law.

State why, feed it with detailed information and highlight it in a reasonable example. Doing this for at least two or three con’s or pro’s. This should turn it into a smooth ride.

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