The city of angels, the land of the stark. So here I am or better I was at least for a weekend. A town where every street corner seems to be part of a blockbuster and where everyone claims to be a very influential person ( I doubt that), I had my very own experience with Los Angeles. Apart from doing the usual sightseeing things like for instance “Walk Of Fame” “Santa Monica Pier” or “Venice Beach” this city has its own vibe.
This tremendous size of 1290 square kilometre (more than three times bigger than German city cologne!!) shows significant contradictions between the living conditions, lifestyle, and behaviour in vast areas.

Super creamy and famous Beverly Hills on the one hand and the ghettos in the South of Los Angeles (there were reasons I couldn’t take any pictures believe me!), on the other side, nothing but 20 miles distance separating them. I found it shocking to see these vast differences between people and how the majority of them live in their own district or better in their own kind of bubble.

So talking about own little (fictitious) worlds: On Friday I went out to discover the nightlife of LA and ended up next to Venice Beach in a small, but crowded bar. After getting in there, I went straight to the counter to grab some drinks for my friends and me. Somehow three guys pushed me away from my place when one of them noticed me and apologised by getting me a drink. Like every reasonably lovely human being, I thanked him and was about to chat a bit. The only reaction I’ve got was a “That’s it, thanks.” sentence. He merely turned back to his friends like I never existed before. Surely you should never generalise things, but I’ve never experienced something so rude than this. I probably will never be part of his expectations nor his group of super chic people. Sorry about that. Still a fascinating experience.

However, in LA exists no real city centre like in most European cities but rather own little towns all put together in one metropole. You should never judge a book by its cover, but for me, this seems to be too much set in a frame.
I love the idea of everybody meeting at a piazza or some nice restaurants/bars, standing outside and engaging.

However, don’t get me wrong: Los Angeles has its own unique fascination, that’s why I took an unusually high number of pictures. It is definitely worth coming back again to explore even more.


What do you think about LA? Do you love it or hate it? What hidden parts of the city of angels did I miss?

I put all of my impressions into the pictures below. Let me know what you think by commenting 🙂


Skyline of L.A.
The famous Hollywood sign
Sunset at Venice Beach


Busy streets in Venice Beach
Muscle Beach.
Villa near the border of Hollywood
Villa in Los Feliz
View on Santa Monica Pier.


LA traffic at night


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