fleetweekheaderAnother weekend in San Francisco, another exciting event, I had the pleasure to be part of. The city was packed. Not only Airforce was there, but also a car and motorcycle event took place. Crowds were heading up to the pear to watch all of it at the same time.

Still – it’s fantastic to see plains up in the air doing things you never thought were possible.



However, as you can probably imagine, I had also other plans then only “fleet week.” Legion of Honor was waiting for me since my arrival, and also my “culture tanks” (it’s a word I’ve recently invented) were empty.
So Rodin, Delacroix, and Monet were pleased to enfold me in one’s arms. 🙂


The Thinker by Rodin

By the way – good to know if you are visiting San Francisco:
This fall there will be an exhibition of Klimt and Rodin starting on October the 14th. Definitely on my list.

What about you? Let me know in the comments below!


My highlight: the view on Gold Gate Bridge. Feel the Goldrush.

Me – Dreaming.

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