The first week in San Jose was busy and exciting at the same time. My experience in California is connected with a lot of work, learning new things every day, but also offers plenty of things to do to make this state your own.


After visiting the famous beach of Santa Cruz, I explored “the edge of the world” near National Park Big Sur. Just the imagination, knowing that after this there will be only ocean over thousands of miles is truly breath-taking.



San Francisco is unique. Many highs and lows make up the city of the “summer of love,” still seeing the last remains of the 70s.
Chinatown and Japanese Town are own little districts where you’ll experience traditional cuisine on the spot. From famous Lombard Street to Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 or Little Italy – I canvassed almost everything by bike (I still can’t believe it! I hate riding the bicycle)




This weekend will be it’s very own adventure again. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn more not only about my weekend trips but also about my experiences careerwise, have a closer look at my Instagram and my LinkedIn account.




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