How to write brilliant essays.

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At the moment I find myself in the daily struggle of writing plenty of essays for university and also thinking about new content at work. It is quite overwhelming when you need to focus on several completely different topics with complex issues
– I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about.

So how can you be super efficient, write interesting and useful content, be creative, be innovative, be critical… and the list goes on and on and on….

I experienced: It is all about research.

When you have to get in touch with your content first, think step by step:

Choose five sources for each medium.

Not more and not less. With this strategy, you can focus on the relevant books, videos, magazines, etc. and avoid to overfly articles simply. Knowledge is everything.

It’s about contrast.

When you are browsing the web, try to find various positions to strengthen your point of view in the essay you write. Similar views won’t make your piece unique; it rather will join billions of others. If you find an individual way through it, you will make a difference, it is more likely that you reach your target groups and people will be more inspired to read your text.

Take risks.

If you are fascinated by your topic, don’t hesitate to question facts that have been established for ages or things nobody has ever doubted. I am convinced, people will be curious – even just for slightly disagreeing in the end.

Ingenuity is not only caused by high content.

You can be the most brilliant artist, writer or actor. If you don’t know how to sell yourself, no one will ever know. Social Media is key when it comes to blogging – so let everyone on your different channels know when you updated your website.

Of course, if you just do your “own little” project for yourself (perhaps just like I do) then you can simply ignore this text here.

What do you think?
Please let me know and comment below!

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