My trip to Budapest


The New York Café at the Boscolo Hotel, Budapest

Guys, I know it has been a long time. But again I am very very busy at the moment. Even though I am still very young there are so many business opportunities opening up for me, I have no other choice then grab them.

So this month I did something that doesn’t suit me at all: I made a spontaneous trip to Budapest and it was THE decision of the month. What a lovely city! The capital of Hungary tells a centuries-old story with the architecture and history behind every corner.
My personal highlight was the New York Cafè at the famous Boscolo Hotel. The view is breath-taking: The first impression is not being in a coffee house but more standing in the middle of a church. I’ve never seen such a pompous cafe before. Apart from this, I did the whole traditional sightseeing tour. From Buda to pest and back, I visited the parliament, the St. Stephen’s basilica, the castle, the citadel, the chain bridge and a lot more.

For eating in Budapest I can recommend two specific restaurants:

The National Muzeum restaurant

Established in 1885 it has not only great art-nouveau architecture and delicious Hungarian food, also the waiters still served us in their old-school manner. A brilliant experience!

The Wine Bar

This wine. this dinner. The reviews didn’t promise too much: The “winebar” offers a wide range of wines and combines it with great multi-course menus.

In conclusion, I can absolutely recommend this city. Hungarians are not everyone’s cup of tea, but one’s you get to know them a little better the seem to be very friendly and heart-warming.
Budapest – dynamic, young and full of esprit!

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