My first week at London School of Economics


My first week at London School of Economics is over now, and I must say it’s been an outstanding experience so far. I’ve met people with diverse backgrounds and unique ways, which lead to their application for a Master’s at LSE. Maybe it is a bit too soon, but I can already tell: Some people will stay in my life on a long-term basis – for better or worse! My personal credo of this year goes with the one from my uni: Rerum cognoscere causas. To know the cause of things.

Stay tuned for more to come!


It almost has been 3,5 years since I started my blog – mostly to present my latest outfits as well as taking you on the journey of my ambitious young career (at least I try 😁). However, the longer I am part of the blogosphere, even more, Instagram my desire grows stronger to write about something more profound, more meaningful than just fashion. Surely, looks and trends are indispensable and still a big part of our social image. Still – the more I learn from an academic perspective as well as experience in my professional career, the more it brings me to fundamental almost philosophical questions.
This post’s topic is about religion and science – two things that couldn’t be more contrary in the eyes of society, two positions that seem to fight a constant battle ever since their existence. On Instagram, I started a survey, asking, if religion plays a vital role in one’s life. Unsurprisingly, the vote was clear: the majority of my followers can hardly connect with religion or in this case with a tendency towards Christianity.

But why are these two states of beliefs so far apart? Why does one exclude the other?
Even though I obtained a good and extensive education at a Catholic school, I’ve never been drawn to believing in God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. But my reconsideration on this occurred whilst reading the book “Opium für das Volk,” by David Gooding and John Lennon derived from a statement by Karl Marx.
Perhaps I had a wrong approach to the bible and its parables.

While religion and the subject of god were brought up by mankind for thousands of years to provide us with answers to the existence of life and the universe, science was the capable medium of giving a solid explanation and tangible proofs of natural spectacles.
Of course, it doesn’t make any sense that Jesus did transform water into wine. Scientific rules prove it – it is simply not possible. Furthermore, the rise from the dead is also for a matter of fact scientifically incorrect.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, this is not what religion (in my case Christianity) is all about. Within a certain natural framework, consisting of formula and logical structures, there is still room for something else: emotions.
The statement that moral understanding cannot be logically formulated and therefore is not part of human knowledge does not withstand scrutiny.
At least for me, it has less to do with believing in a God created by the bible, but more with embracing yourself emotionally. Jesus treated everyone around him equally- no matter what political orientation, gender, ethnicity or religion they had.
Maybe this is what we should get out of religion: pure compassion for others and thus, trying to understand their situation and their state of mind. Notably, in these political times and above all in times of Social Media, people isolate themselves and become ignorant towards their environment.
Almost nothing in life can be seen just black and white – so I guess religion and science don’t have to either. Life is about making compromises to assure satisfaction even though it sometimes can be against our own beliefs.

The thing about distance.


I moved to London just about two weeks ago, since then something remarkable happened: the feeling of being thoughtful and questioning my purpose in life has gotten less. How can this be? Everyone – it makes no difference whether its a magazine, a blog or friends & family – always says living in big cities leads to mental health issues, loneliness and in extreme cases, self-destructive behaviour. Strangely though, in my cause the anonymity of city life allows me to distance myself from problems and fears, it will enable me to clear my mind.

You see, diving back into anonymous London life, where everyone is mostly focused on themselves rather than on their environment, allows me to find simplicity in life and work. Often, your best companion is your own mind, this ease brings you closer to your thoughts, away from all the noise. On the other hand, it also allows me to appreciate the importance of sharing emotions with an audience, based on my own temporally possibilities and my desire to share.

As such, you come to realise just how important distance can be throughout life;

Distance from failed friendships and love relationships – to understand and process your

Distance at work – starting with being more independent, standing your ground and forging more professional relationships.

Distance in terms of self-image – to make wiser, more rational decisions.

Distance plays an essential role in my life; it allows me to mute out the constant noise, to focus only on what matters, work, life, love, ambition – to escape the continual battle of self-ambition vs distraction.

If you can manage to find this balance, from being distant to being personally when desired or required, it will have a significant impact on your life. It will allow you to focus on yourself and create a stable base from which to socialise from, without getting lost in society’s noise. I guess it is also has a lot to do with the famous saying “everything in moderation”.

Most importantly, however, it’s a realisation and lifestyle that takes time and comes with experience. You have to make mistakes and ask yourself questions before you implement changes that will only result out of lessons.

With this said, let me leave you with my last thought. Our digital society often paints distance as a negative, something that illustrates failure – allow me to invite you and think differently. See distance and “offline” individualism as a strength, a chance to build yourself a strong mental foundation for approaching and dealing with our world’s noise in a more coherent, efficient and most importantly, less self-destructive, healthy manner.


Another life-changing chapter..

The British Politician Benjamin Disraeli once said

“London is a roost for every bird.”

When you’re asking me – there is nothing more to add. After many adventures and experiences in Germany, I am now ready to finally come back to the greatest love I’ve ever had. London. Don’t get me wrong – Frankfurt will always stay in my heart and be a vital part of my life and also San Josè was an unforgettable period. However, it is time to break down the tents and move on to the next chapter.

Being not “always” available on Social Media and other comparable tools has been an eye-opener in many ways: Instead of renouncing myself and walking the way of St. James, I just enjoyed a very thoughtful time offline. Thinking about yourself, where you’re coming from, what you achieved so far and what your goals are is essential – at least for me – to stay ahead of the game called life.

In only a couple of months time, I’ll start my Master’s in Media and Communications at LSE, which probably will be tough, but also very exciting. New people, new perspectives and a new lifestyle, tons of work and maybe also a semi-existent social life will define my life again? Who knows. Let’s see!


After coming back from California and just staying for a couple of weeks in Frankfurt, it is time for my next adventure. This means writing the final exams before starting my official  “thesis term” in March.

Even though, the first week is almost over it feels like an eternity living in Mittweida, a small town close to Chemnitz. Don’t get me wrong: After applying for several universities and working parallel to college, it really helps to clear my mind again. Unfortunately, my chest cold doesn’t seem to go away, thats why I stayed in bed all weekend to get ready for Monday again. It sucks, not being able to do whatever you want.

Do you know the feeling, when reaching a certain limit? Physically or mentally?

After the seventh try in writing a personal statement for King’s College I realised that I couldn’t go any further. Not being able to strive for the best, because your academic English is not good enough to apply was very frustrating for me. I thought to myself: Really Rosa? This is it? After having lived in foreign countries for almost 1.5 years?

Luckily, my cousin did support me enormously concerning this, and, I could successfully finish it in the last couple of days. But what would have happened, if nobody helped me? How could I have possibly beaten the system?

Additionally, I still need to learn to treat my body right. Even though my brain wants to take the next step and continuously analyses situations, my physical condition is suffering. To be honest, I did not believe magazines, proclaiming and talking about a phenomenon like “burn-out syndrome” or being stressed out. However, karma is a bitch and lets me run straight up against the wall for me to understand the issue.

So yeah guidebooks might be correct about the importance of physical health to get the results you want to achieve. I hope at least you guys, the people who are reading my blog posts, realise how important it is to understand that both components – your mind and your body – need to be in harmony to outperform.

By the way, this is me taking a long walk with a student colleague of mine to strike a balance again and to structure my goals for the future.



O F F I C E O U T F I T.

I know the last couple of posts were all about sharing experiences or travelling to cities.

However, today I thought about sharing my previous office outfit idea with you.
Gladly, my workplace allows me to be a bit funkier and more creative when it comes to choosing my Monday to Friday outfit. This one here was shot in San Josè by the way.

I could NEVER EVER work at a company, where I couldn’t express myself through clothing. It is therefore not very likely, you’ll find me in an institution where formal outfits are key. Ever… Hopefully. 😀




Leather trousers        —  Orsay
B/W blouse                  —  Armani Jeans
Pink blazer                  —  Marc Cain (Secondhand)
Shoes                            —  H&M

But let’s focus on the crucial thing in this post:
Usually, I combine a colourful trouser with a well-shaped blouse. These combinations make you stand out from the crowd but still shows some office character.

Good ways to dress for success is to use:

  • concise colours (colour-blocking) + classic shapes (like a double-breasted blazer)
  • suits in great patterns (you don’t have to stand in front of your wardrobe every morning, thinking what to wear.)
  • go for all-black with outstanding shoes. (colours like red, silver, gold, or two-colour shoes will work nicely)

Here are some examples! Wanna see more looks?
Explore my Instagram profil (@rosaschdt)





Dior and I: Paris in three days.

This month is an organisational disaster! After coming back from the Americas, applying for universities and buying presents for Christmas, there was almost no time to settle in Europe again.
However, I had one big December highlight. After I have heard a lot about the new Dior exhibition in Paris, my mum and I didn’t waste any more precious time and took the train to see what it was all about. 😉

Day one

After muddling through a lot of people, we took a journey through different decades of style. From the famous “New Look” designed by Christian himself to Galliano and current designer Maria Grazia Chiuri – every shade and colour of Dior was represented.


It took us all in all 2.5 hours to go through all the different scenes and look at every damn detail.

DSC03005This jacket is one of my favourites. Why? With this piece, a woman’s compelling aura surrounds the one that wears it. It is like a uniform you put on to stand out of the crowd. Dangerous colour and material combined with a woman that knows what she wants. Brilliant!

Day two

After an exhausting first day, we went to Montmartre to take a glimpse at the famous church Sacré-Cœur. What a view!
Some of you may have seen it in my Instagram story already:



… And Notre Dame at day and night.


Day three

The last day was mostly all about shopping. This, of course, meant: Galleries Lafayette from top to bottom!
Before we paced through these doors, there were some other spots we needed to discover first..

The Opéra National de Paris for instance. Pictured here with the French and European flag on top.

DSC03123.JPGFurthermore, we discovered another famous place directly next to the opera house. The Cafe de la Paix – one of the most famous and well-known places in Paris, where famous writers such as Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway stayed. (and me of course)


After dawdling through every level of Galleries Lafayette, mum and I ended up on the rooftop of the building. The sun already started to set, resulting in beautiful pictures.


All in all, it was a great trip into a city, from which I’ll probably never get tired of.

I guess Christmas can come!